Photograph Editing: Steps Every Photographer Must Know

Photo editing has become an accepted practice among photographers and society. For some time, using Photoshop to improve photographs was seen as a bad thing. Today, people embrace photo editing and appreciates how it can help make a good picture great. To successfully edit a photo and improve it, there are certain steps you should follow. Not all photographs will necessarily need every step. You should judge for yourself what is needed.

  1. Crop the image – Cropping is a great tool to use for any photo. Even photographs that have excellent composition can sometimes benefit from cropping.
  2. Get rid of sensor dust – You can use the Healing Brush tool to get rid of dust spots that appear on the photograph. This is a wonderful tool that many people who used film cameras before will appreciate. Sometimes there is dust on the camera lens and this shows up in photos taken at small apertures or areas where you have plain sky or other such areas.
  3. Brighten and darken – This is one of the most used photo editing functions. Adjusting the levels of bright and dark in a photo can really make it pop or focus the attention where you want it. Using the levels tools, you can brighten highlights and darken shadows.
  4. 4. Fine-tune colors – As with all photo edits, less is more. You never want to overdo it, but small changes can make a big difference. This is important when you start boosting the saturation. You don’t want to create a photo that is too noisy and disturbs the eye. Make subtle color changes.
  5. Go monochromatic – Black and white photographs are some of the most gorgeous pictures you will ever see. Change your photo to black and white and create a whole different feeling.

Photo editing software can create magic and make photos look amazing. However, the key is to always remember to not make big changes. Small changes will be sufficient. After all, if you change too much it may negatively influence the integrity of the photo.

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