Technical Information About Chainsaw

A chainsaw is tool which is used in cutting trees and removing trees trunk. Chainsaw is playing the major role in changing forest into living places but do you know? Chainsaw isn’t that simple that much people think about it. a chainsaw has many important parts which work together and to rotate chain on maximum speed possible. The clutch is the first thing which comes in use after starting the engine because a sawyer has to know about clutch working. The clutch plays an important role which you can understand just by reading this article.

How Does Clutch Work In Chainsaw

Actually, there is a centrifugal clutch is installed in a chainsaw to work well. The clutch housing is connected to transmission and there are centrifugal clutch shoes this is actually these looks like semi sphere. There is also engine shaft in it and the spring connects clutch shoes. If you have seen the engine then you may know that there is flywheel connected to it and then there is a engine drive shaft. This shaft is connected to clutch and this clutch help works with the transmission. When engine rotates the shaft then centrifugal clutch shoe also rotates with it not the transmission.

How does Chain rotate?

When clutch is pressed then the clutch shoes automatically grab clutch housing which is connected to a shaft. As if you have used a chainsaw then you may know that it kickback a little and now you know the reason that how clutch works. The transmission rotate due to clutch and if clutch isn’t pressed then in come back to normal where is don’t touch clutch housing. As the engine start then everything is ready and the user has to press clutch to start rotating chain to cut tress or other things which he want to.

Top three ways to increase youtube videos

I’ve worked with so many clients that come to me with the same problem. It normally goes something like this; “Tony, I’ve got great instagram following, my videos get shared on facebook and my twitter feed is popping off. But for some reason, I can’t figure out youtube”

It’s easy to understand why people have this issue. Youtube feels more pragmatic, more dynamic and for these reasons and more, it’s harder to impregnant with your youtube baby that you want to see to blossom into a beautiful youtube creature of spring.

Well, if you fit into this category that so many other people do, have no fear, good old Tony has your back.

Here below, I’ve listed the three top ways that I think can really help you Youtube following.Lets begin:

  • Social media integration

Many of my clients wonder why they can’t get the same level of views on their YouTube accounts as they can on their other Social platforms. When I see that they’re accounts aren’t hooked up together I almost facepalm. There are more complex ways, but the easiest way is just to have links to each profile in all the different bios across all platforms. Instagram and facebook have good cross network support because they’re both owned by facebook.

  • Buying Views

This can be a little risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. I always advise individuals who are novice to avoid this option because it could end up biting them in the ass. But a word of advice for those more deeply involved in the black hat world, you don’t need to look further than themarkethaven, as far as I know, they are the only company offering legit views as far as I know.

  • Collaboration
    If somebody you know already has a great youtube following, get on board with them. See if you can appear in their video or share content between each other. Maybe even a shout out would work!

Reasons Why Smartphone Cameras are Making History

The technology used in smartphones keep improving and making more and more amazing things possible. One of the best things about modern smartphones is their cameras. Some of the most beautiful photos have been taken by people who simply used their phone’s camera because it was the nearest device. The lenses and sensors used in these cameras make it possible to take award-winning photos. We doubt they will replace professional cameras and lenses, but for those special memories, your smartphone camera will do the job. Here are some reasons why your phone camera is a better choice than the old point-and-shoot.

You always have it with you.

Few people can live without having their phone on their person or at least within close range. It is the easiest thing to quickly grab your phone and eternalize that beautiful, funny, or blackmail moment. Today, everyone has a camera in their pocket. It makes taking photos so much easier and more convenient.

There are accessories available for your smartphone camera.

You’ve seen professional photographers when they set up. There are lenses, filters, tripods, SD cards, etc. All these things can get very expensive but it is part of the fun of the hobby. Because taking photos with smartphones have become so popular, you can now buy these types of accessories that are specifically catered to the phone. You can find tripods, lens systems, and apps to help improve your photo taking.

It is small and won’t stand out.

Street photography is an exciting and fun thing to do. However, lugging around a camera with lenses and a tripod is heavy and very visible. A smartphone allows you to find the perfect picture and just shoot. No need to fiddle with lenses or get a tripod ready. It also helps if you can be inconspicuous. You will find great photo moments and subjects when people are unaware that you are taking pictures.

Smartphone cameras have made many people great photographers and many of the most important news events are captured by smartphones. If you want to take great photos but cannot afford the expensive equipment, don’t worry about it. Just get out your phone and start shooting.

4 Best Online Photo Sharing Websites

Taking great pictures is no longer only something the pros can do. You can also take a few excellent pictures with your camera phone. The problem is, what do you do with it after? You can have it printed and framed, but few people take that route these days. You can post it on Facebook and get a few likes after which people will move on. To make your great pictures last and to appreciate your talent, consider using a photo sharing site. There are many to choose from and you can decide who can see them. The top photo sharing sites are:

Google Photos

Some people may remember Picasa. Google Photos is the new and improved version of that. The site offers free editing tools and also syncs with your Google account. Google Photos can be used successfully from your smartphone and it automatically stores the photos on your device. It offers unlimited storage and there are no costs involved.


You have to subscribe to this site to make use of all its great features. It offers editing tools, a variety of themes, display and sharing features, and much more. It also offers unlimited storage space for your masterpieces.


This is the Yahoo photo-sharing site and it allows users to upload 100Mb of photos every month. There is no limit on storage and it offers a variety of free editing tools and display options. It works well on all mobile devices.


No subscription is needed to use this site. They offer many different ways to create albums, scrapbooks, and slideshows. You can even add music to a slideshow. Quick posting to most of the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This is our top photo sharing and editing sites. The choice is yours. They are all great and they all offer interesting and fun features and tools. The best way to find which one works for you is to play around a little.

Photograph Editing: Steps Every Photographer Must Know

Photo editing has become an accepted practice among photographers and society. For some time, using Photoshop to improve photographs was seen as a bad thing. Today, people embrace photo editing and appreciates how it can help make a good picture great. To successfully edit a photo and improve it, there are certain steps you should follow. Not all photographs will necessarily need every step. You should judge for yourself what is needed.

  1. Crop the image – Cropping is a great tool to use for any photo. Even photographs that have excellent composition can sometimes benefit from cropping.
  2. Get rid of sensor dust – You can use the Healing Brush tool to get rid of dust spots that appear on the photograph. This is a wonderful tool that many people who used film cameras before will appreciate. Sometimes there is dust on the camera lens and this shows up in photos taken at small apertures or areas where you have plain sky or other such areas.
  3. Brighten and darken – This is one of the most used photo editing functions. Adjusting the levels of bright and dark in a photo can really make it pop or focus the attention where you want it. Using the levels tools, you can brighten highlights and darken shadows.
  4. 4. Fine-tune colors – As with all photo edits, less is more. You never want to overdo it, but small changes can make a big difference. This is important when you start boosting the saturation. You don’t want to create a photo that is too noisy and disturbs the eye. Make subtle color changes.
  5. Go monochromatic – Black and white photographs are some of the most gorgeous pictures you will ever see. Change your photo to black and white and create a whole different feeling.

Photo editing software can create magic and make photos look amazing. However, the key is to always remember to not make big changes. Small changes will be sufficient. After all, if you change too much it may negatively influence the integrity of the photo.