About Us

Photophlow welcomes all the photography lovers to our great blog! This is a home for everyone who is interested in learning more about photography, photo editing, photo sharing, and all other things photography. Taking great pictures have become easier with the advances in technology and you will find a lot of interesting information about the past and present of photography and its technology advancements.

Social media and smartphone cameras have made it possible for anyone to be a great photographer and to instantly share it with the world. World news events are being captured by smartphone cameras and social media is at times faster with current news events than news sites. All of these things have opened up a whole new world of photograph taking. Photophlow is here to keep you updated and help you to improve and learn as much as you can.

Many people love taking photos but don’t want to become professional photographers. For them, photo sharing sites like SmugMug and social media sites like Facebook are ideal as they can share their masterpieces with friends and family. No matter whether you are a professional or just someone who likes to play around with photo editing, this site has tips, tricks, and information that you will find interesting and helpful.